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  • Spring Tags Reference ?


    I am just starting with Spring. I did quite a bit of research on web, but couldn't find any good tag reference for Spring. I know I can just look at spring-tags.dtd, but I was wondering if anyone knows or has a link to a good Spring tags library reference that will tell me what tags are available (their attributes), how to use them, some examples etc. Are there separate tag library for Spring Modules ?

    Basically, something similar to the reference documents that they have for Html. I think this will just make the learning smoother for beginners.


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      Hi vivash

      What tags do you mean? The tags in the original spring taglib? The tags in the new(ish) spring-forms taglib? Or do you mean the XML metadata tags such as <bean/> and suchlike?

      I will certainly add to / improve the existing documentation to cover any of the above tags in more depth if you tell me what it is exactly that you would like to see / think is missing.



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        As I am just starting out, I just need to know basic metadata tags that we need to use in the Spring configuration files, like <bean> and the attributes it takes etc. I guess there are not that many for configuration as I could see only few in some configuration examples.

        I guess there are many others which I may have to look at once I get bit more advanced using Spring.

        What do you mean by "/" ?



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          Hi vivash

          I daresay I could add a crib sheet of sorts that summarises the Spring IoC configuration tags. I'll create a JIRA issue for this and see if it gets any more votes; do be sure to vote for it yourself.

          Said tags are actually described in depth in the bean chapter of the Spring reference documentation, but I'll admit that they are scattered across said chapter.

          Additional tags that have been created in light of the XML Schema support in Spring 2.0 are summarised in this chapter.

          The tags are however quite intuitive (to my mind). If you are using an IDE with integrated XML editing support (such as JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA) then you will be able to get first class support for editing Spring XML configuration files. Drop down lists, class name autocompletion, property name autocompletion, etc., which allows one to '[edit] with pleasure'. If you are using Eclipse, you might want to get the Eclipse/WTP all-in-one release which also gives some slick XML editing support.