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  • Spring and XDoclet

    Has anyone used XDoclet with spring ??

    -Rajesh A

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    Used it for what?

    XDoclet can be used for a lot of things. What are you asking about in particular?

    I've used XDoclet2 to generate Hibernate mapping files in a Spring project, but that's nothing to do with Spring per se.


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      I'm thinking of using XDoclet to generate the Spring XML files. i did find something which does that. I also wrote a small hello world and I'm pretty convinced that it works.
      however the XDoclet tag coverage is not comprehensive enough. For instance at this point it does not support Map or Set kinda properties (just supports List). Is there some workaround for this ??

      -Rajesh A


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        Are you proposing annotating your class files so that you can generate the spring context files 'automatically'?

        If so, doesn't this contradict the whole IOC idiom by putting the wiring info back into your code?

        My apologies if I misunderstood.



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          I totally agree with you. Just wanted to try out some annotation based stuff. And since even Spring is supporting annotations in Spring 2.0 thought I'd try it out. However we are still of JDK1.4 so I guess the next best thing is XDoclet.

          Actually I'm thinking of doing a mix-and-match by keeping the IoC out of the code but static configuration inside, but not sure how it'll work.

          lemme know what u think.