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  • Missing application web.xml


    I set up an application to send and email which works perfectly fine. The problem is that after the mail is sent and I try to deploy i get the following error: Missing application web.xml, using defaults only StandardEngine[Catalina].StandardHost[localhost].StandardContext[/mailTest]. If I then restart Tomcat and deploy then the error message is gone.

    Any ideas why cause its a pain to restart Tomcat everytime I have to send a mail?


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    The problem is that after the mail is sent and I try to deploy
    What is your scenario - you have an app that sends an email and then tries to redeploy another application or you have a webapp that sends emails and then when you try to redeploy it you get the error?

    See the structure of the war and make sure it doesn't get chance somehow when you are sending the email (even though I'm not sure how can this happen by accident).


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      If I try to redeploy the same application.

      The strange thing is, if I restart tomcat, i can then redeploy fine.


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        Check your redeploying procedure and see if not sending an email really affects the redeploy. Try using the anti-jar locking feature since that makes a clean copy of your war - I had problems on some systems where the war was unpacked but since it was large it took some seconds to copy it completely.
        However, Tomcat noticed the war was updated and tried deploying before the war was completely copied, thing which obviously lead to weird problems.


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          could the problem possibly be that a file is opened somewhere and not being closed? Only once I shutdown Tomcat the file then closes and that then allows me to deploy again?


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            it might - there are tools for each platform to see what files are opened. The anti-locking feature of Tomcat might solve this problem though it's best to see if you leave opened files behind you.