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  • Having Problems with BeanUtils..

    I am trying to use BeanUtils(Spring 3.0.5) to copy properties from one hierarchy to another. Following is what I use BeanUtils.copyProperties(source, dest);

    My source is as follows

    School is a class which has a collection of ClassPeriodType . ClassPeriodType is derived from PeriodType and adds its own properties to it as well.

    PeriodType (has startDate,endDate,reason)
    ClassPeriodType (it derives from the PmabPeriodType

    public class School{
    private List<ClassPeriodType> periods;

    My dest is as follows
    Company as a class which has a collection of PlanPeriods .
    public class Company

    private List <PlanPeriod> periods;
    // getters and setters and other properties omitted for brevity
    PlanPeriod has startDate,endDate as its properties.(no hierarchy here) .

    //Code snippet
    Company dest=new Company();
    School school =new School();
    school.addPeriods (// new set of ClassPeriodType periods added)
    // What i am expecting here is to have the Company with a list of PlanPeriod types when i do this..
    BeanUtils.copyProperties(source, dest);

    instead what i am getting is Company -> List<ClassPeriodType> periods instead of Company-> List<PlanPeriod>.
    The reflection is not happening throughout both the source and destination hierarchy . How do i achieve this ?


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    Has anyone seen this problem? Or do the hierarchies need to match exactly ? Would using converters be the way to go for these kind of conversions?