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  • Overriding bean scope

    (I'm using Spring v3.1.1.)

    I'm fond of the request bean scope and started using it heavily in my web services. I have run into a small issue, however.

    After I implement the domain logic, which may use singleton-scoped or prototype-scoped beans, I wrap a web service interface around it. To avoid concurrency issues, I redefine some of the singleton-scoped or prototype-scoped beans (predominantly those that aren't stateless) to be request-scoped.

    Unfortunately I need to duplicate the domain model's bean definitions in my service's bean definition and add a scope="request" property and a <aop:scoped-proxy> section to each bean that I redefine.

    Is it possible to extend a bean definition instead of overriding it completely?

    I have full access to the code and bean definition files.

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    There is bean definition inheritance in xml

    <bean id="someParent" class="blah.Blah">
    …property and other settings for shared information

    <bean id="someChild" parent="someParent">

    so someChild with have all the information set from someParent.

    Hope that helps.

    Personally, I have never seen a need to have a scope other than Singleton. If I find that I need a different scope, I use it as a code smell that something is up with my design, either that I am declaring beans for stateful objects that shouldn't be beans, or sthey shouldn't have state, or I just wrote bad code. Not that there aren't corner cases that might need a bean at a different scope, I have just never come across such a case.

    Good Luck