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  • Wrapping Springframework with IBM's CTE?

    My employer has decided to partner with IBM for enterprise software development. Catch is, IBM wants to rollout their CTE api and apply a wrapper around the Springframework api. I'm really hesitate to do such a thing and I'm looking for reasons not to. Has any one out there ever done this before? How did it turn out? Anybody out have experience with IBM's CTE? Any horror stories? Successful??? I'm just looking for feedback.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I'm very curious about it - that's probably first time someone's trying to make a wrapper around Spring's API. SpringSource has been accused many times of creating wrappers (JDBC, JMS, SAAJ, ...), now we have a "wrapper to rule them all"

    By the way - what's CTE? "IBM CTE API" gives this post as a first result at google (that's fast!).

    Grzegorz Grzybek


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      CTE is Common Technology Enablers. The CTE provides an end-to-end enterprise J2EE framework that facilitates building web applications. The framework is a set of services that provide functionalities such as authentication, database access, session management, and logging. For example, if you are planning to build an e-commerce application, you can leverage the services provided by CTE for incorporating generic operations such as authentication, database access, and session management. You can centralize your resources on building the business logic for your web application. It includes: Component Configuration, MVC-Base, MVC-Portal, Auditing, Document Management, Exception Handling, Logging, Data Access, Rules, Workflow Services, Application Security, Messaging, Caching, Content Formatting and Delivery, and Centralized ID. Sounds like it offers the world...

      Anyway, its the CTE Configuration API that attempts to wrap Spring's DI functionality. But the funny thing is it only works with Springframework 2.5.6.



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        CTE is ...
        Thanks for the explanation! It's strange - I still can't find official IBM's site on this topic - is it some kind of super secret technology? Is it a JavaEE killer? The description sounds like the list of technologies included in JavaEE, but without the mention of any standard... That's weird...
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