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  • Spring Batch Admin 1.2.0.RELEASE Available

    The release is available now in S3, Maven Central and the SpringSource community download site. More detail on the project website:

    No new features since RC1, but the StepExecutionServiceLevelMonitor was re-implemented using a standard MonitorMBean.

    New features since 1.0:

    * JMX management and monitoring
    * JSON API
    * Deployed in the root context by default so the URLs are shorter (no "/batch/...")
    * UI: select a previous JobInstance as a template for a new JobExecution
    * Support for latest versions of Spring (3.0.5) and Spring Integration (2.0.1)

    If anyone wonders why the version jumped from 1.0 to 1.2, it's because there was an accidental release of Spring Batch Integration at 1.1.4 along with Spring Batch 1.1.4, so this release gets the version numbers back in line with the most recent releases.
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    We are migrating our app from Spring-batch 2.0.1 to spring batch 2.1.5. We also use Spring batch integration 2.0.1. I see that integration module is moved to spring-batch-admin. What version of sprin-batch integration is compatible with Spring -batch 2.1.5?


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      Both SBA 1.0 and 1.2 should work fine with 2.1.5.


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        * Deployed in the root context by default so the URLs are shorter (no "/batch/...&quot

        Hi, great tool

        but the controllers pointing to context root instead of /batch
        makes really more difficult to embed the admin in another webapp.

        I think if it's a library, it should be easy to embed, and maybe able to change
        the paths for the Controllers with no much effort.

        Thanks again, it's a great tool/library.


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          if you want to embed it with a different context path, just change the servlet mapping in web.xml and the resourceService bean in the root application context.


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            Not just the servlet path,
            <servlet-name>Batch Servlet</servlet-name>

            Also needs to override standard.ftl to prefix resources paths with ${servletPath}
            <#assign url><@spring.url relativeUrl="${servletPath}/resources/styles/main.css"/></#assign>

            And override resource service to match the servlet path
            <bean id="resourceService" class="org.springframework.batch.admin.web.resourc es.DefaultResourceService">
            <property name="servletPath" value="/batch"/>

            This can be done, but it's not 'straight foward' as it was before.

            Maybe I'm doing something 'wrong' but I do need to make this changes in order to get http://localhost:/myaap/batch/.... working

            Maybe, if this is the 'correct way' could be added to docs.


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              Maybe this came also from the fact that I already have an application context,
              and including webapp-config.xml in 'parent' context throws name collission's (dataSource is a 'common' bean name) so I did include both the global context and the ui context in Batch Dispatcher letting 'my' context as parent to be used by jobs

              <servlet-name>Batch Servlet</servlet-name>
              <servlet-class>org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherSe rvlet</servlet-class>

              I could change 'my' dataSource name, but I'd rather prefer having all batch admin in a child context


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                Originally posted by View Post
                Also needs to override standard.ftl to prefix resources paths with ${servletPath}
                <#assign url><@spring.url relativeUrl="${servletPath}/resources/styles/main.css"/></#assign>
                That's a bug. If you raise a ticket in JIRA we can fix it for 1.2.1. The other two things you had to do are expected, and can be added to the docs, for sure.


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                    Is there a French version of spring batch admin ?

                    I want a copy of Spring Batch Admin French Language. If it's not exist, I need the Source code to develop my own copy in French. It is possible or not?


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                      The source code is on github (and in the distribution): Many, but not all, strings are externalized to a MessageSource already, as indicated in the user guide. You will need to override some of the layouts to get a completely French version. If you are going to externalize everything we'd like to see the result contributed back to the project (optional of course).


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                        Layout Code Ource

                        I don't find the source code of the template (layout) to change it.
                        Where can I find it ?
                        thanks for your help.


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                          The existing templates are in the spring-batch-admin-*.jar files (org/springframework/batch/admin/**/*.ftl). You don't have to modify the jar files: just override the view definitions. More detail here:


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                            choose a language ! ! !

                            Thanks for your help.
                            I have now two versions (two WAR PROJECT) of SPRING BATCH ADMIN. I want to do in the next step a scrolling list to make possible to choose the language. So when choosing French, the French version of SPRIN GBATCH ADMIN runs and similarly for English's version.
                            How wan I do that ?


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                              If I were you I would go with a single WAR and standard MessageSource configuration in the Spring context (means you have to externalize all the strings in the ftl templates).