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  • ExecutionContext handle in ItemProcessor<T>

    How do we get the handle of ExecutionContext (Job or Step) inside the ItemProcessor?

    I don't want it to implement this in StepListener, which has the handle to ExecutionContext.

    Could anyone help?

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    You can leverage the @BeforeStep listener annotation to grab the StepExecution before the step is started. From there you can get whatever you're after from StepExecution.

    See the ItemWriter example in the reference docs.


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      Thanks jglynn.

      My bad. I entirely missed that chapter. I focused on Configuring a Step chapter.

      Thanks Again.


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        Is ExecutionContext thread safe? If i configure my batch as to run in multi-thread, does it gives me any problem when using values from ExecutionContext? I am planning to set a Map in the context.


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          ExecutionContext is just backed by a Map and has no intrinsic guarantees about thread safety, i.e. it's up to clients of the context to synchronize access to it if necessary. However, I would say it is likely to be a bad move to use the context outside the ItemStream and StepExecutionListener interfaces, and access in those places will (I think) be synchronized by the framework.