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  • Batch case scenario

    I am having interesting scenario with batch application.

    Batch app should write results from Web Service to database. Problem was communication between our client and WS service, so we did come up with solution like this:

    Batch process starts console app, which is able to communicate with WS and it prints the results from WS. After that, ConsoleReader reads all lines from console stream. After this, read & process begins, reader uses statefull consoleReader to load items from list to reader`s list and finally it writes the chunk of data to database.

    Any thoughts of this? Could there be other possible solutions? Direct WS-communcation is not option because of interoperability problem.

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    Your batch process launches a console app that calls the WS?!

    All I can say is wow....


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      Yep, we had to do this because of extremely bad interoperability problems between Java Web Service client & MS.NET WS.

      We are just thinking is there any more better options..


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        So, what, your console app is a MS ws client?

        From my experience, anytime we have a problem with a MS WS it's because the developers (on the MS side) didn't know WTH they were doing (e.g. say they are doing SOAP but are really doing XML-RPC, etc).


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          Yeah, Web Service was .NET WCF Web Service and the console-client was .NET.

          It was easy to do .NET client for it, but from Java client side it was extremely painfull to create it. We tried with Axis2 & CXF with bad results. Non-WCF .NET Web Service worked fine, but WCF version not..


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            I've had no problems calling SOAP (standards compliant) WS (both MS and java variants) using the Spring WebServiceOperations class.

            Like I said, the compatibility problem is on the MS side, not the Java side. Just like microsoft browsers have horrible HTML spec compatability (and try to get too cute) your .NET client is allowing a crappy MS webservice to exist when it really needs to be fixed. If you are having integration problems, anyone else who tries to integrate with that webservice will as well.


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              One choice that came me mind was "staging area database". Instead of writing WS output to console, we could write them into temporary database. After that, we read & write items from staging are to actual database.