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  • Batch Job Monitoring - System Administration


    I have written a custom command line client to interact with the batch job starting code in order to restart jobs and list failed jobs etc. However I think that there is a requirement to delete failed jobs from the database.

    I have found that in order to list failed jobs or delete jobs from database I have had to write sql statements to access the batch tables.

    Is this the wrong approach? does this functionality already exist somewhere?

    How does the spring batch framework provide for such standard administration tools e.g. monitoring status of jobs for example ??

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    I'm not sure why you'd want to delete job meta data from a production system. There are some test utils with the DELETE sql if you want to compare what you did (maybe we missed something), but I'm not really convinced that it should be in the core.


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      For example.

      There is a job that runs every day with different job parameters and this job needs to be monitored for success or failure.

      Firstly how to monitor the success or failure of this job? How to monitor the
      success or failure of all jobs... e.g. started with the quartz-job-launcher.
      (I have to use Nagios as this was a customer requirement)

      The only way I can think of is to look into the DB.

      At some point the system administrator decides that it is not necessary to
      restart the job as this has been resolved another way. If the DB is queried
      to check for failed jobs then the failed job that has been resolved manually
      must be removed otherwise this job will continually flag up a warning.

      Therefore the DB has to be modified to remove the failed job.

      Have I missed some functionality that could provide me with a better
      monitoring solution ?


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        You don't have to remove a job execution then, you can just change it's status? There are core APIs for that (JobRepository).