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  • Having problem to do a clean build


    I am currently using MyEclipse 5.0 with JDK 1.5 as IDE and having problem even to get started with the downloaded using the version without Maven to do a clean build. I created a Java project in my workspace and imported the unzipped version of the above download. To begin with having problem to clearly follow Spring Batch build instruction -
    With Eclipse and without Maven
    Similar instructions would apply to other IDEs.
    Download the "with-dependencies" package and unzip to create a directory spring-batch-<versionId>. 
    Open Eclipse and make a workspace in the directory you just created. 
    Import the org.springframework.batch.samples project from the samples directory. 
    Add all the jar files in the distribution as library dependencies (except spring-batch-samples-<versionId>.jar). There are jars in samples/lib, sources and in sources/lib, including some duplicates. 
    Force the workspace to build (e.g. Project -> Clean...) 
    Run the unit tests in your project under src/test/java. N.B. the FootbalJobFunctionTests takes quite a long time to run.
    Imported the "sample" folder and added the jars from the dist folder in the Build Path. But still can't get a clean build. But I was able to do all that in my personal laptop where I use Ganymede Eclipse where I didn't have any problem at all. Tried all other crazy ways to do a clean build. Not working for me yet. I think I need some sort of hand-hold sort of instruction.
    Would really appreciate if could get some tips on this trivial problem I am facing.


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    The instructions you quoted say "import the org.springframework.batch.samples project from the samples directory". Nothing about creating a new project and importing the zip contents. Use File->Import->General->Existing Projects->Browse... to locate the samples. Or do the same as you did with vanilla Ganymede. Or ask someone who knows about MyEclipse. Or use STS (it's free).


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      Thanks Dave I'll try the STS. One separate question about setting up Oracle
      as the datasource. It appears even all the places where we have the data-source-context.xml with this -

      <bean id="environment"
      		<property name="defaultValue" value="oracle"/>
      We are seeing in debug mode that datasource is getting set to hsql. Even if rename the file say to - data1-source-context.xml don't know for sure like it is getting reset to hsql while doing a JUnit run. Not sure if I have explained my problem clearly. By the way I don't have Maven setup.

      Any idea what am I doing wrong?


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        Getting reds on codes. I suppose I do not need to add any new jars? Everything I need should be in the distribution. One question though what is this org.maven.ide.eclipse.MAVEN2_CLASSPATH_CONTAINER?


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          It's the classpath container for m2eclipse (the Maven intergration plugin). If you don't wan to use that just remove it. Or download STS from and use that (it comes with all the plugins you need).


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            Thanks for your response. At last I was able to get a clean build in my MyEcilpse 5.0 IDE by removing this org.maven.ide.eclipse.MAVEN2_CLASSPATH_CONTAINER stuff out from the build-path. So, looks like for this with dependencies version of Spring Batch 2.0.0.RELEASE this jar file needs to be taken out?

            Much appreciate for all the help.