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  • SpringCore Dependency

    Will SpringBatch 2.0.0 release be dependent on SpringCore 2.5.6?


    ps: scanned the road map looking but didn't see anything obvious.

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    Yes, it will.


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      SpringCore 2.5.6.a...?

      During testing we linked to the SpringBatch repository and for building our software we pulled in SpringBatch 2.0.0.RC1 which in turn pulled in SpringCore 2.5.6.a.

      Is there a later release than SpringCore 2.5.6 that SpringBatch will work with as well?



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        Spring Framework 2.5.6 is the current production release.


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          RC1 depends on Spring Core 2.5.6.A...

          Why does SpringBatch RC1 have a dependency on Spring 2.5.6.A; rather than the 2.5.6.GA release? We're seeing a dependency hierarchy like this

          org.springframework.batch.core : 2.0.0.RC1 [compile]
          org.springframework.aop : 2.5.6.A [compile]
          org.springframework.beans : 2.5.6.A [compile]



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            What is 2.5.6A ? and why are are the artifacts renamed?

            Hi all

            one of the problems I'm stumbling thru with this RC1 stuff is the renaming of Spring Artifacts.

            Is that something springsource is trying to do?

            We get spring artifacts from Apache Repo1. They have poms with

            but the Spring batch RC1 stuff is dependent upon

            and uses Version 2.5.6A not 2.5.6

            what is that for?

            Do you have a relocation pom on group org.springframework - artifactId org.springframework.spring-beans?

            What's the "A" about? Does Spring batch require something that is not in the 2.5.6 GA and needs some additional functionality and release (hence 2.5.6A)?

            Any clues would be appreciated



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              The only difference between 2.5.6 and 2.5.6.A is the packaging. Spring 2.5.6.A is packaged for use in an OSGi environment like SpringSource dm Server. All dependencies for 2.5.6.A are resolved from the SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository (see the FAQ for more detail). This repository is also used for the Spring Batch build.

              We realize that everyone doesn't need the OSGi ready libraries and we provide jars for the Maven Central Repository as well. These jars have standard maven dependencies.

              You should pick either the SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository OR the Maven Central Repository for your aplication's dependencies since mixing them will create duplication in terms of dependency resolution.