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  • resumption of step

    Good morning,

    for the way resumption of step I tried to make a case that I have two steps on the first pass with success (Completed) and the second with failure (FAILED), but when I made the second execution of job he relaunched the first step even if it has happened in the first execution

    thank you in advance

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    There could be two causes of this scenario:

    1) You have 'allowStartIfComplete' set to true, in which case starting the first step again is expected behaviour.

    2) You have used different JobParameters between the two runs, so it sees them as separate job instances and starts from the beginning. If you want to restart an instance, make sure the parameters are exactly the same between the two runs.


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      it seem that i am in the second case

      but if i use the same parametre i get this error :

      16:50:01,457 ERROR DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-2 JobLauncherDetails:77 - Could not execute job.
      org.springframework.batch.core.repository.JobInstanceAlreadyCompleteException: A job instance already exists and is complete for parameters={dateJ=2008-05-19 09:01:51}{}{}{}.  If you want to run this job again, change the parameters.


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        there is no solution for this ????


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          It would appear that your first run was successful, which is the only case in which that exception will be thrown. Perhaps you didn't clear the meta-data before running it with those parameters?

          Please keep in mind that this is a public forum and questions may not be answered immediately, or even in the same day. Myself and the other committers try our best to be as responsive as possible, but we all have client commitments as well as our work on coding enhancements for the latest release.