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  • Use a repository Sybase


    I use m3 version of Spring batch. There isn't "schema" for Sybase in spring batch execution and there isn't support incrementer for Sybase in Spring jdbc.

    Is it planned to provide an outline for the database Sybase ?

    Thanks in advance

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    I thought Sybase was dead

    We're actually migrating a few applications off of Sybase to DB2 on zOS.


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      We hadn't planned to publish or test MS-SQL or Sybase scripts, but I'm not opposed in principle. However, the schema should not change once we get 1.0 out (exceptifor major upgrades). You should be able to quite easily create your own Sybase scripts by modifying one of the ones that we do publish, and then you won't have to think about it much after that.

      If you raise an issue in JIRA maybe people will vote for it there.


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        If someone contributes some DDL we can add it to Spring Batch, but it might not be much help until there is a DataFieldMaxValueIncrementer available as well. I added a comment to to see if Thomas is interested. You could ask in the Data Access forum as well.


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          If I recall properly there was no notion of a "sequence" in Sybase, that may be why there's no incrementer - but then again I may be wrong. Anyone have more recent memory?

          Could Spring Batch function without a sequence using only an auto-increment field?


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            I don't think there's a concept of a sequence for Hsql either, but it's hacked around using a table with one identity column. The same could be done for sybase I would imagine. It's just a question of demand I think.


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              MS SQL and Sybase are enough of the world's market share that it makes sense to support them - even if we have to write our own incrementer and let Spring Core backport it later - what say you?


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                Thank you for all the answers you give.

                Since I read the first answer, I try to know if some new Java batch projects are planed with Sybase as database.
                I have not the answer yet.
                The database that is the most used in my company is Oracle, then perhaps I won't need to use a schema of spring batch table for sybase.

                Sorry I think I have asked this question too early.