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    When will support for the more complex job execution classes appear? Our Client has a number of multi-threaded batch jobs.
    Multi-threaded execution in a single VM is perfectly possible with 1.0 - but we recommend exercising caution in the analysis of such requirements (is it really necessary?). Several people have tried it and there are some issues with restartability (plus the usual documentation requests), but otherwise it should work. With a little more effort starting in m4 it should work even better, but we aren't planning to solve the restartability problem until after 1.0.
    I found this in the FAQ, can you elaborate the restartability issue mentioned here?

    How can messaging be used to scale batch architectures?
    There is a good deal of practical evidence from existing projects that a pipeline approach to batch processing is highly beneficial, leading to resilience and high throughput. We are often faced with mission-critical applications where audit trails are essential, and guaranteed processing is demanded, but where there are extremely tight limits on performance under load, or where high throughput gives a competitive advantage. Matt Welsh's work shows that a Staged Event Driven Architecture (SEDA) has enormous benefits over more rigid processing architectures, and message-oriented middleware (JMS, AQ, MQ, Tibco etc.) gives us a lot of resilience out of the box.
    Is there more info I can find about the architecture recommended here? And more info about SEDA?