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  • JobExecution design question

    Hi all,

    In the org.springframework.batch.core.domain.JobExecution class, there's an accessor for the JobInstance attribute: getJob(). And there's a method called getJobIdentifier() that returns job.getIdentifier(). One could get this information by calling getJob().getIdentifier() so it seems to me that the former is redundant, unless you wanted to hide the JobInstance behind the interface of JobExecution class but in this case getJob() breaks this idea. Am I missing something?


    - Yagiz Erkan -

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    I think it was an artifact from a previous model in which JobExecution.getJob() did not exist. Actually, it might have been intentional to encapsulate a null check for job before calling getIdentifier(), but in this case I'm pretty sure it was just an oversight. I have refactored to remove the convenience method from JobExecution.


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      OK! I see... Thanks...
      I've been going through the code and I've seen various typos and errors in the javadocs. Do you want me to send my humble suggestions here or via jira or by e-mail?


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        JIRA is good (so is humble, but if we screwed up just say so).