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  • Transaction not rolled back

    We have our own transactioninterceptor that proxys certain classes for our services. I have an ItemReader that does an update using one of these wrapped service classes. ( Note - the ItemReader is not wrapped/proxied via the transacitoninterceptor). I then have the reader throw an exception, yet the update transaction is not rolled back for some reason. I was expecting the transaction to be rolled back automatically. It's not clear to me how Spring Batch interacts with our transaction interceptor.

    Thoughts? Here is the job code. Am I missing a parm of some sort?

      <job id="fsaFile" xmlns="">
            <step id="fsaStep1">
                    <chunk reader="fsaReader" writer="fsaWriter" commit-interval="1">
                            <stream ref="fsaReader"/>
                            <stream ref="fsaDelagateReader"/>

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    Ok. I think I figured it out. I was not using the same datasource for Spring Batch as I was being used in my container. Whoopsie.