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  • Unable to Customize the Batch Admin

    I followed the above link and added a job in jobs.xml

    <batch:job id="footballJob">
    <batch:step id="playerload" parent="s1" next="gameLoad" />
    <batch:step id="gameLoad" parent="s3" next="playerSummarization" />
    <batch:step id="playerSummarization" parent="s3" />

    The directory structure is shown here...

    But i am getting the same jobs...the default ones..

    I see in the console that the file jobs.xml is not even being loaded..but in the page at the above url says "Include Spring XML files in META-INF/spring/batch/jobs. Each file should be self-contained (except for Batch execution components like the jobRepository which are provided centrally), and carry one or more bean definitions for a Spring Batch Job. When the application starts these files are scanned and loaded as child contexts, and then the jobs are registered with a JobRegistry in the parent."

    Where am i making the mistake..?

    Please help..
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    What version of admin are you using?


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      I am using 1.2.1.RELEASE


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        From the information above, I'm not sure. In older versions the location we scanned for was different (/META-INF/batch/*-context.xml I believe). I'd start by verifying the jar files you are getting in the WAR (for example, if you're using the sample template included in STS, you're using 1.0.0.M1 I believe instead of 1.2.1.RELEEASE).


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          Yeah u were right.
          I changed it to 1.2.1.RELEASE
          But now i m facing a new prob.
          It says java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.springframework.batch.core.configuration.suppo rt.AutomaticJobRegistrar.
          So i changed the version of spring-batch-core to 2.1.9.RELEASE
          But now it gives error in module-context.xml under META-INF\batch in the constructor-arg as there is no constructor with 2 arguments in any constructors..
          What shud i do.. please help... It's troubling me for 1 week now..


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            In the module-context.xml that is provided by default, there are a couple jobs that are configured. One of which is a partitioned job. if you remove those jobs (I'm assuming you don't need them), you should be ok.