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  • Spring Batch Remote Chunking

    Hello to All,

    I'm going crazy here, so any help would be appreciated. :-)

    Trying to set up a simple Spring Batch Remote Chunking Sample. Here is what I do (only the relevant parts):

    <import resource="/job-launcher-context.xml"/>
    <import resource="/job-reader-context.xml"/>
    <import resource="/job-thread-scope-context.xml"/>
    <import resource="/job-activemq-connections.xml"/>

    <!-- Used to send messages to a particular channel -->
    <bean id="messagingGateway" class="org.springframework.integration.core.Messag ingTemplate">
    <property name="defaultChannel" ref="requests" />
    <property name="receiveTimeout" value="1000" />

    <int:channel id="requests" />
    <!-- <int:channel id="incoming" /> -->

    <!-- <int:transformer input-channel="incoming" output-channel="replies" ref="headerExtractor" method="extract" />
    <bean id="headerExtractor" class="org.springframework.batch.integration.chunk .JmsRedeliveredExtractor"/> -->

    <!-- Used to send messages from the queue to the Queue itself -->
    <int-jms:outbound-channel-adapter connection-factory="connectionFactory" channel="requests" destination-name="REQUESTS.QUEUE" />

    <!-- Nothing unusual really, just a spring batch job -->
    <job id="jobRemoteChunk" xmlns="">
    <step id="stepRemoteChunk">
    <chunk reader="fileReader" writer="writer" commit-interval="4" />

    <bean id="writer" class="com.springBatch.helloWorld.LogWriter"></bean>

    <!-- makes the step configurable for remote chunking. It transforms a chunk oriented step into a remote chunk-oriented step -->
    <bean id="chunkHandler" class="org.springframework.batch.integration.chunk .RemoteChunkHandlerFactoryBean">
    <property name="chunkWriter" ref="chunkWriter" />
    <property name="step" ref="stepRemoteChunk" />

    <bean id="chunkWriter" class="org.springframework.batch.integration.chunk .ChunkMessageChannelItemWriter" scope="step">
    <property name="messagingOperations" ref="messagingGateway" />
    <property name="replyChannel" ref="replies" />
    <property name="maxWaitTimeouts" value="10" />

    <int:channel id="replies" scope="thread">
    <int:queue />
    <bean id="pollerInterceptor" class="org.springframework.batch.integration.chunk .MessageSourcePollerInterceptor">
    <property name="messageSource">
    <bean class="org.springframework.integration.jms.JmsDest inationPollingSource">
    <bean class="org.springframework.jms.core.JmsTemplate">
    <property name="connectionFactory" ref="connectionFactory" />
    <property name="defaultDestinationName" value="replies" />
    <property name="receiveTimeout" value="100" />
    <!-- <property name="channel" ref="incoming"/> -->
    <property name="channel" ref="replies"/>

    And call the Job.

    Expected : The writer does not gets called, instead the Job is "taken" to the JMS Queue where I need a slvae listener.
    Actual: The Writer does start and nothing "chunking" happens, like the chunkHandler is ignored.

    Now, if I remove the writer="writer" and replace it with writer="chunkWriter" everything seems to be working fine, but then what is the use of the chunkHandler?

    Thank You,