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  • Order of steps


    Is there a way to get the hierarchical order of steps, flows etc. of a job?

    E.g. here is a dummy job config...
    HTML Code:
    <batch:job id="job">
        <batch:step id="Step_1" next="Step_2">
            <batch:tasklet ref="step_1_tasklet" />
        <batch:step id="Step_2" next="Split_1">
            <batch:tasklet ref="step_2_tasklet" />
        <batch:split id="Split_1" task-executor="taskExecutor">
                <batch:step id="Step_3">
                    <batch:tasklet ref="step_3_tasklet"></batch:tasklet>
                <batch:step id="Step_4" next="Step_5">
                    <batch:tasklet ref="step_4_tasklet"/>
                <batch:step id="Step_5">
                    <batch:tasklet ref="step_5_tasklet"/>
    ... and I want to get back that, Step_2 comes after Step_1, Split_1 comes after Step_2 etc.
    Thx for your help.

  • #2
    How to get to the StateTransitions of a configured job.

    I don't have an answer but I did some digging around and it seems that the StateTransitions that are stored for a SimpleFlow job may have what we are looking for. (stateTransistion.getNext())
    Unfortunately, however, the SimpleFlow object does not implement a getter on the stateTransitions that are injected into it by the AbstractFlowParser at the time of parsing the namespace.

    In my case, what I'm after is the order of the steps BEFORE the job is actually executed (that is, from the job config as against the job execution). I realize that this may be a bit fudged in the case of a decision based job flow, but it would be REAL nice if we could somehow get to the stateTransitions map that is available on the flow job and then do what I want with it.

    Is there a reason that that is not exposed?

    Any other approach to getting the order of steps for a SimpleFlow job from the job config?