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  • Spring batch Performance Issue - StaxEventItemReader and JAXB

    Hello anyone who can help me,

    I am using StaxEventItemReader and JAXB for marshalling and unmarshalling.
    but I observed that the performance of treating an XML file is not good enough and I get out of memory exception.
    I am trying to use another unmarshaller - xstreammarshaller , JIXB, xmlbeans, castor

    Has anyone faced this kind of issues using spring batch?
    Could anyone inform me which is the best performing marshaller please?

    <step id="readWriteXMLAction" next="limitDecision">
    <tasklet allow-start-if-complete="true">
    <chunk commit-interval="1" reader="myItemReaderExp" writer="myItemWriter"
    <listener ref="writeListener" />
    <listener ref="readListener" />
    <listener ref="promotionListener" />
    <include class="be.fgov.ehealth.cobrha.batchpublish.excepti ons.OperationFailedException"/>


    <bean id="myItemReaderExp" scope="step" class="be.fgov.ehealth.cobrha.batchpublish.reader. BPubOperationReader">
    <property name="fragmentRootElementName" value="cdm" />
    <!--<property name="resource" value="#{jobExecutionContext[outputFile]}" /> -->
    <!-- <property name="resource" value="file:/#{jobParameters['targetDirectory']}/#{jobExecutionContext[outputFile]}" /> -->
    <!-- <property name="resource" value="test" /> -->
    <property name="unmarshaller" ref="xstreamMarshaller" />
    <property name="batchpubXSDValidator" ref="batchPubXSDValidatorRef"></property>
    <property name="xsdLocationList">
    <value>$batchpub{batch.operationalxml.xsd.location 1}</value>
    <value>$batchpub{batch.operationalxml.xsd.location 2}</value>
    <property name="followupservice" ref="followUPService" />
    <!-- <property name="auditservice" ref="auditService"></property> -->

    <property name="reportservice" ref="reporBuilderService" />

    <!-- <property name="completionPolicy" ref="completionPolicy" /> -->
    <!-- <property name="limitDecider" ref="limitDecider"></property> -->

    <bean id="xstreamMarshaller"
    class="org.springframework.oxm.xstream.XStreamMars haller">
    <property name="aliases">
    <prop key="cdm">be.fgov.ehealth.cobrha.cdm.v1.CDM</prop>

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    It is very unlikely to go out of memory with StaxEventItemReader and commit-interval of just 1. I suspect the problem lies elsewhere but it's difficult to suggest anything without looking at the code for your reader, CDM class and the XML file.