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  • Cannot find jars required by tutorial like spring.jar, please help

    I found a nice tutorial that clearly lists everything I need to get a working AOP program going that does something similar to what I want. The problem is, when I download it from this website (the 155mb one) I get tons of folders and I cannot find anything, not even spring.jar. I cannot find a "lib" or "dist" folder that the tutorial mentions

    I must be making some noob mistake, can anybody help me out? I feel like I am taking crazy pills

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    Use this link:


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      That link does not contain a spring.jar in the "dist" folder. I keep seeing links saying that certain jars should be in folders that do no exist. I don't understand, some of those links, like the one I first gave are very recent...


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        On this site go to Downloads etc. Pick the version of Spring you want and download the zip file with dependencies.

        Extract everything in the zip file to a folder.

        In that folder, you will see something like the following (this is from spring-framework-2.5.6.SEC01):


        You want the stuff in lib.


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          Also, you'll find spring.jar and spring-sources.jar (the source jar) in spring-framework-2.5.6.SEC01\dist.


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            Thanks for pointing this all out, it all makes more sense now.


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              I have downloaded

              It does not seem to have the structure mentioned in earlier posts, in particular I can see no dist directory at all.

              The top level of the zip file starts with:

              It seems as though this archive contains the dependencies but not the spring framework itself.

              Unless I am being very silly ...


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                Try looking for spring.jar in dist, not lib.


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                  I cannot find a dist directory in the zip file.


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                    I think since the vrsion 3.0 Spring doesn't use the same file architecture.
                    Now the zip file is a lot of folders which package name like...
                    There is not a spring.jar anymore

                    That's pretty annoying!!!

                    Can someone tell me what's the new name for this jar??


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                      Originally posted by chudak View Post
                      There is definitely the dist folder in this zip but can't figure this out : where the F*ck is the spring.jar or what is its new name??

                      This is from a spring tutorial:
                      "copy spring.jar (from spring-framework-2.5/dist) and spring-webmvc.jar (from spring-framework-2.5/dist/modules) to the new 'war/WEB-INF/lib' directory. Also, copy commons-logging.jar (from spring-framework-2.5/lib/jakarta-commons) to the 'war/WEB-INF/lib' directory"

                      Where are those 3 files?


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                        thanks for help

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                          Looking at the documentation (readme.txt) the framework is no longer contained in a spring.jar file anymore.

                          It says the structure has changed and to go here for updated examples on how to use the new structure:



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                            I know bunch of a people will tell ya, neeee, you should switch to new ways of building the spring projects, bal bla bla... especially by using greatest maven building tool which stores all the required files in a specific folder AWAY from a eclipses workspace or servers folder. After having spent pretty much of nights making it happen, I decided to do that step by step approach from the springsource which in fact is not updated with ongoing developments.

                            Ok, so, hopefully this can help some guys go further and not give up on spring.
                            I find this tool of springsource pretty cool to find any of your required jars. Frankly, finding the exact spring.jar is probably not a good idea, as you might end up playing with the old versions which mixed with newer version of some other classes might cause some bugs.
                            I used to put each of the imported packaged from spring example into search and got myself the latest version jar file which offers its implementation.

                            I havent completed this yet, but I think it might be useful to some of the guys.


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                              I stumbled here and found this link that has the jars needed: