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  • @Configurable with Java 1.8

    Does anyone know if Load-Time Weaving with @Configurable is working with JDK 1.8? Getting the following error

    AspectJ Internal Error: unable to add stackmap attributes. null
    Exception Details:
        com/xxx/User.<init>()V @23: ifnull
        Expected stackmap frame at this location.
        0000000: 2ab7 0054 b201 d32a 2ab8 01a7 4db2 01a1
        0000010: 2a2a b801 a74c 2ac6 002a 2ab6 01b9 1301
        0000020: bbb6 01c9 9900 1d2a b601 b913 01bb b601
        0000030: c1c0 01bb b801 c599 000a b801 ad2a b601
        0000040: b300 2ac6 0042 2ab6 01b9 1301 bbb6 01c9
        0000050: 9900 352a c600 232a b601 b913 01bb b601
        0000060: c999 0016 2ab6 01b9 1301 bbb6 01c1 c001
        0000070: bbb8 01c5 9a00 112b b801 d099 000a b801
        0000080: ad2a b601 cc00 2a03 b500 562a 03b5 0058
        0000090: 2a03 b500 5a2a 03b5 005c 2a03 b500 5e2a
        00000a0: 03b5 0060 a700 032a b601 b913 01bb b601
        00000b0: c1c0 01bb b801 c59a 0011 2cb8 01d0 9900
        00000c0: 0ab8 01ad 2ab6 01cc b1
    Spring 3.1.2
    AspectJ 1.7,4
    JDK 1.8

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    I think you need to try out AspectJ 1.8 for JDK 8.

    Also, please note that we are currently in the process of moving to for our forums. If you're still having this issue please consider asking it again at using the #spring tag and someone should be able to help you. Thanks!