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  • static member variable in a singleton Spring bean

    public class MySpringBean {
    	private static MyDIClass myDIClass;
    	// setter for myDIClass
                     // myDIClass is referenced here
    I have a static attribute (myDIClass) in a singleton Spring bean class called MySpringBean. The reason for defining myDIClass as static so that I can reference it within the static block.

    Also, note that the value of myDIClass is not bound to change e.g., toString()/equals() on it will always be the same (e.g. value as Apple) across the application, accross each and every invocation.

    My question:
    1. Am I running into any violation by declaring myDICass as static, considering its value will always be the same for all the invocations across the application?

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    I have a question too - how does that relate to the 'AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming)' (current forum name)?

    P.S. static singletons are almost always a bad idea because they add coupling to the code and make it much harder to maintain it and write unit tests. However, singleton idea (one object per-application) is very good and reasonable. Spring defines a notion of bean scope, so, you can just declare your 'MyDIClass' bean as a singleton-scoped and let the container create it's single instance and inject to all another target beans.