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  • weaving between bundles using load-time-weaver

    In this moment i am facing one problem and really dont know what i am doing wrong. I am coding logging for my webservice using Spring framework and AOP in @AspectJ style. I got two bundles - background and frontend. In background bundle I have LogAspect, which look like this:

    public class LogAspect {
        public void logMethodAnnotated(LogMethod logMethod){}
        public void beforeLogMethodAnnotated(JoinPoint jp){
        public void afterLogMethodAnnotated(JoinPoint jp){
    and META-INF/spring/background-osgi.xml:

    <context:annotation-config />
    <context:component-scan base-package="simon.background"/>
    <context:load-time-weaver />
    and also META-INF/aop.xml:

    <!DOCTYPE aspectj PUBLIC
            "-//AspectJ//DTD//EN" "">
            <!-- only weave classes in our application-specific packages -->
            <include within="simon.background.*"/>
            <include within="simon.frontend.controller.*"/>
            <!-- weave in just this aspect -->        
            <aspect name="simon.background.log.LogAspect"/>
    In frontend bundle I've just put into aplicationContext.xml
    <context:load-time-weaver aspectj-weaving="on" />
    . But the code is acting very strange. I found out, that there is some problem, when I put into my advice methods JoinPoint as argument. (I mean, when I got advice methods without arguments, so there were no JoinPoin in method header, everything has been working fine and advices has been running before and after @LogMethod (my annotation, which I use to say, that i want to log this method) annotated methods). But now it is working like this: - when I start server and so that the bundles are deployed for the first time, then the advices are run just for methods, they are @LogMethod annotated and belongs to background bundle, but not for annotated methods in frontend.controller. - and in addition, when I have done some changes in one of my controllers, saved it and deployed just frontend bundle, then when I run @LogMethod annotated method, I got this error:

    org.springframework.web.util.NestedServletExceptio n: Handler processing failed; nested exception is java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation: when resolving method "simon.background.log.LogAspect.afterLogMethodAnno tated(Lorg/aspectj/lang/JoinPointV" the class loader (instance of com/springsource/kernel/userregion/internal/equinox/KernelBundleClassLoader) of the current class, simon/frontend/controller/HuhController, and the class loader (instance of com/springsource/kernel/userregion/internal/equinox/KernelBundleClassLoader) for resolved class, simon/background/log/LogAspect, have different Class objects for the type /aspectj/lang/JoinPointV used in the signature

    Any ideas what is going on and how can i fix it, so my program will be able to run advices correctly?

    One additional note, it could maybe help: When I run this in Debug mode with advices without JoinPoint argument, I realized, that both advices were running twice for one method.