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  • CRUD AJ Methods in Controller

    Hi I'm new in Spring and I'm using Spring Roo to generate a webapp and I don't know much about AspectJ, and I want to understand better the AspectJ code that is generated for the CRUD operations on the entities.

    Can I have more control over those operations.?

    Right now I'm just copying the Aj methods to the main Controller (The one that is empty) and change de path. (for example, the entity is Apple, then the path to create is /webapp/apple?form, so the url that I use is to /webapp/apple/admin?form, and in the main controller I copy the method to create from the AJcontroller and using it with the path /apple/admin.

    That's what I'm doing right now, but I want to know if there is a better way to do it.

    Thanks, and sorry for my bad english.

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    First thing, ROO is a convention-over-configuration tool, in that, it does so much for you if you follow the convention. If you want to configure it, you've to take the ROO generated code and change as per your taste and/or liking.