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  • AspectJ Pointcut definition

    Hi everyone,

    If I have something like that:

    package A;
    import B;
    public classA implements InterfaceB{

    //implementation of all methods (methods of interface A,B,C..)

    package B;
    import C;
    public InterfaceB extends InterfaceC<Object,Object>, InterfaceD<Object,Object>{
    public void MyMethod();


    package C;
    import D;
    public InterfaceC<Object,Object> extends InterfaceE<Object,Object>, InterfaceF<Object>{
    public Object MyMethod();


    package D;
    import E;
    public InterfaceD<Object,Object> extends InterfaceE<Object,Object>{
    public Object MyMethod();


    package E;
    import G;
    public InterfaceE<Object,Object> extends InterfaceG<Object,Object>{
    public Object MyMethod(Object o);


    package G;
    import H;
    public InterfaceG<Object,Object> extends InterfaceH<Object,Object>{
    public void MyMethod(Object O);


    package H;

    public InterfaceH<Object,Object>{


    I want to intercept all methods of the class ClassA,
    I used these pointcuts, but i'm not sure:



    @Pointcut("execution(* B.*.*(..))")


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    If you post then

    1. Don't post the same question multiple times
    2. Use [ code][/code ] tags so that we can easily read the code/xml/stacktraces.\


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      Sorry, I'm just new in this forum
      ok, I'll respect this next time