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  • Spring Web Services 2.0.0 M2 released

    Dear Spring community,

    I'm pleased to announce that Spring Web Services 2.0 Milestone 2 has been released!

    This is the second milestone release in the 2.0 release cycle. The most important new feature in this release is the ability to use arbitrary parameter types in @Endpoint methods (similar to @Controller methods in Spring-MVC). The big improvement to the 1.5 @Endpoint model is that you can mix and match parameters, and are not as limited in the return types. This means, for instance, that you can have the following @Endpoint method:

    @PayloadRoot(localPart = "myRequest", namespace = "")
    public MyJaxb2Response handleMyRequest(@RequestPayload org.w3c.dom.Element myElement, 
                                           SoapHeader requestHeader,
                                           MessageContext messageContext) {
        // do something interesting here
    Currently supported parameters/return types include:
    • DOM Elements (W3C DOM by default; JDOM, dom4j, XOM are enabled automatically if present on the classpath)
    • Types supported by an OXM Marshaller (requires an explicitely configured marshaller)
    • JAXB2 types, if JAXB2 is found on the classpath (this means you no longer have to configure a Jaxb2Marshaller explicitly)
    • javax.xml.transform.Source and subtypes

    For the above parameters/return types, you will have to use @RequestPayload/@ResponsePayload, as shown in the sample above.

    Supported parameters (not return types) include:
    • MessageContext
    • StAX readers
    • SoapHeader, SoapBody, SoapEvelope (of the request message)
    • @XPathParam parameters. Note that you can now use the @Namespace and @Namespaces annotations to specify any namespaces used in your XPath expressions, and no longer need to set them up in XML application contexts. For instance:

    @Namespaces(@Namespace(prefix = "tns", uri = ""))
    public void myEndpointMethod(@XPathParam("/tns:root")String s) {
    These namespace annotations can be present on the method, class, or package level (i.e.

    In addition to the above, Spring-WS 2.0 M2 includes:
    • Support for Spring Security 3.0
    • XMPP transport

    Please see the changelog for more details. If you have any further requests/issues, please use JIRA or reply to this post.

    Spring Web Services 2.0 is due in the third quarter of 2010.

    For more information, see