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  • amokila
    started a topic [ANN] SpringFramework Plugin v1.0-beta2 for Intellij IDEA

    [ANN] SpringFramework Plugin v1.0-beta2 for Intellij IDEA

    Changes in version 1.0-beta2 (04.08.2005)
    ! Bug: aliases where displayed in all config sets
    + Added contextual menu 'Goto Bean Reference' when you right-click on a <someBean> entry
    + Added contextual menu 'Goto Class' when you right-click on a bean
    + Inner Beans are now displayed
    + Browser is initialized (config files are scanned) when project is opened
    + Browser is refreshed when one of the config files is modified
    + Double-Clic or Click (with autoscroll enabled) on a property or constructor argument is now working
    - Renamed idea-spring-parsers.jar to idea-spring-parser.jar


    Changements dans la version 1.0-beta2 (04.08.2005)
    ! Bug: les alias étaient affichés dans tous les groupes de configuration
    + Ajout d'un menu contextuel 'Aller sur' quand on cliques avec le bouton droit sur <unBean>
    + Ajout d'un menu contextuel 'Afficher la Classe' quand on cliques avec le bouton droit sur un bean
    + Les beans imbriqués sont maintenant affichés
    + Le browser est initialisé (les fichiers de config sont scannés) quand un projet est ouvert
    + Le browser est raffraîchit quand un des fichiers de config est modifié
    + Double-Clic or Clic (avec autoscroll) sur une propriété ou un argument d'un constructeur fonctionne maintenant
    - Renommage de idea-spring-parsers.jar en idea-spring-parser.jar

  • cepage
    Originally posted by rstearns01
    No, no no. The superclass should get a private variable and a protected accessor.
    Only if it's abstract, Randy! Jesus, if you keep messing with the design, it's just going to push back the release date!

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  • rstearns01
    No, no no. The superclass should get a private variable and a protected accessor. :wink:

    Also, 3a should be if it doesn't find the bean it should bring up the list of all contexts in scope and let you pick one.

    I'm so looking forward to installing this tomorrow.

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  • cepage
    This is a different approach from SpringIDE and the like, but here is what I would like to see from a spring plugin:

    When I am coding my bean, I would like to hit the command-key shortcut for 'Add Dependency'. This would bring up IDEA's contextual Enter class name: dialog that I could use to specify the interface name of the dependency, say UserDAO.

    Then, the plug in would:
    1) define a field in the class I am working on of type UserDAO.
    2) define a public setter on the field
    3) Search for any entries in my application contexts that define a bean of the type that I am working on, and add a property definition:

    <property name="userDao" ref="userDao"/>
    If the bean I am working on has subclasses, then:

    1) the dependency field would be defined as protected.
    2) the plugin would also search for any instances of the subclasses defined in the application contexts, and add property definitions for the subclasses as well.

    Furthermore... :wink:

    I would like a command key shortcut for Delete Dependency..., an alternative to the Delete... operation, which would remove the field, the setter, and all associated property definitions.

    This would be in keeping with the IDEA philosophy of never having to take your hands off the keyboard for common programming tasks, and it would streamline the most disruptive part of the coding process with Spring.

    Just some ideas for inspired plugin developers...

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