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  • Spring Italian User Group Meeting 2009

    I'm pleased to announce the fourth meeting of Spring Framework Italian User Group in collaboration with Java User Group Sardegna and DIEE:

    Cagliari 27 June 9,00 - 14,00 University of Cagliari

    Alef Arendsen "Spring 3.0"

    Spring 3.0 brings yet another powerful set of new features in the Spring Framework that helps you simplify your code bases a lot more and helps you focus more on the domain problem. In this talk, Alef Arendsen will highlight what these new features are and showcase them using code examples and demoes. The most important ones are the introduction of the expression language, a completely Java-based configuration option and the support for RESTful resources.

    Luca Marroco "GAEj Google App Engine for Java"

    Abstract: Another actor in cloud computing is available for java
    developer. Already available for python guys throught django and other
    nice framework. Starting few month ago Google has release new java
    environment for its cloud computing services: Google App Engine is now
    powerd by Java. In this presentation you will be introduced to this
    new world. After this presentation you will be able to create your own
    application and deploy it to a complete scalable without initial cost
    environment. Topics of this presentation are:
    create a simple web application; upload web applition to GAEj; using
    some google service like datastore, email sender, memcache and other
    interesting feature to develop a scalable application. All argument
    discussed use spring framework as glue of that services.. so we can
    understand how Spring can help us to develop an enterprise production
    ready application. We show you how GAEj is a valid solution for many
    application purpose for its simplicity and low cost.

    Massimiliano Dessė "The hidden gems of Spring Security"

    Spring Security is a security solution for enterprise applications developed
    using the Spring Framework.
    Out of the box Spring Security provide support for OpenID, ACL, Groups,
    JSR 250 Security Annotation and can be easily integrated with OAuth and
    RESTful systems.
    In this presentation we will see how to use SpringSecurity to switch
    a RESTful webapp from a classical authentication/authorization
    to OpenID authentication, OAuth authorization and how
    to use the SpringSecurity ACL for your Domain Objects.

    Mario Fusco "No more loops with lambdaj"

    Lambdaj is a library that makes easier to manipulate collections in a pseudo-functional and statically typed way. In our experience to iterate over collection, especially in nested loops, is often error prone and makes the code less readable. The purpose of this library is to alleviate these problems employing some functional programming techniques but without losing the static typing of java. We impose this last constraint to make refactoring easier and safer and allow the compiler to do its job. In a word, lambdaj partially eliminates the burden to write (often nested and poorly readable) loops while iterating over collections by allowing to filter, convert, group, aggregate and sort their items without to write a single explicit loop.

    Piergiorgio Lucidi "A success story: Spring in Alfresco ECM"

    Alfresco is the leading open source enterprise content management
    system and two of the most appreciated aspects of Alfresco are: the
    wide customization model and the high quality of source code. Alfresco
    is strongly based on Spring Framework and thanks to this adoption we
    can find many ways to extend and inject our components. In this
    presentation will be shown many ways to extend Alfresco features and
    interfaces using Spring application context configuration.

    More information: