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  • Spring Python 0.7.0

    Release 0.7.0 was completed last night, and released to

    NOTE: This release included a lot of API scrubbing, in order to bring things more in tune with PEP-0008, the style guide for python. You're existing apps PROBABLY were impacted, if you used any of Spring Python's utility classes. Since we are pre-1.0, this is the best time for such a cleanup. When 1.0 hits the streets, we won't make such a sweeping change without extensive backwards support.

    See for more information.
    Release Notes - Spring Python - Version 0.7

    ** Bug
    * [SESPRINGPYTHONPY-63] - Running returns an exception

    ** Improvement
    * [SESPRINGPYTHONPY-49] - Upgrade PetClinic to CherryPy 3.1
    * [SESPRINGPYTHONPY-64] - Adding a schema for the regular component elements
    * [SESPRINGPYTHONPY-69] - Remove deprecated connection factories from baseline
    * [SESPRINGPYTHONPY-70] - Scrub function/attribute naming conventions to more closely follow PEP-0008.

    ** New Feature
    * [SESPRINGPYTHONPY-61] - Generate reference documentation for the project

    ** Refactoring
    * [SESPRINGPYTHONPY-65] - Change 'type' attribute in XML application config to 'scope' to be in line with the lifetime concept in other Spring platforms

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    Good to know.