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  • Gaijin Studio 0.9.3 for Spring Web Flow Released

    Version 0.9.3 was released today along with updated docs. I have the phonebook sample app working in Gaijin and will be uploading that ASAP. Here is the feature list..

    Gaijin Studio extends the Eclipse IDE to facilitate building applications 
    based on the Spring Web Flow framework. Gaijin provides an environment for 
    creating and configuring web flows to build a web application. It includes 
    a web flow editor which allows an application to be modeled visually and 
    stored as XML metadata. Template-based code generators use the metadata to 
    generate the web flow builder, configuration, and supporting classes. This 
    reduces the amount of time needed to develop an application and allows 
    detailed documentation to be generated from the metadata.
    Project Creation Wizard
    (+) Creates Eclipse project structure for a Spring Web Flow project. 
    (+) Establishes classpath container for libraries expected on the application 
        server classpath. 
    (+) Copies application libraries into project and adds them to the Eclipse 
        project classpath. 
    (+) Generates web descriptor including entries for Spring components needed to 
        allow the Web Flow application to function. 
    (+) Optionally, creates an empty applicationContext.xml file and maps the file 
        into a Spring IDE configuration set. 
    (+) Generates a simple Ant build script for building WAR based on project settings. 
    Other Features
    (+) Web flow editor allows for drag-and-drop creation of a flow diagram using 
        the various flow states provided by the Spring Web Flow framework.
    (+) An integrated Eclipse builder uses metadata from the flow diagram to generate 
        the flow builder, configuration files, and other supporting classes.
    (+) Gaijin supports grouping of related web flows into web flow groups. Each web 
        flow group has its own dispatcher and configuration files. A default properties 
        file is created for each group and mapped automatically as the message source 
        for the group. All groups share the beans provided by the root context as well 
        as having a separate context configuration for components used only within 
        that group.
    (+) Gaijin Studio is fully integrated with the Spring IDE plugins which are included 
        in the standard distribution. Spring IDE configuration sets are used to specify 
        the group of configuration files that makes up the root context. The Spring IDE 
        plugins also provide syntax highlighting of the config XML files and a graphical 
        view of context bean relationships.
    Check it out at and let me know what you think!

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    I've put a link to the Gaijin Studio site on the SWF Wiki.
    Looking forward to trying this out this weekend!



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        I can't wait to start working with this over the weekend. I wish I could write things like this :-P