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  • Wanghy-Cache 1.0-RC1 released (AOP Caching for Spring).

    Dear Spring Community,
    We are pleased to announce that Wanghy-Cache 1.0-RC1 has been released. Wanghy-Cache provides declarative caching services to the Spring Framework.

    Main Features:
    • Stores in the cache the return values of advised methods.
    • Flushes the cache (or parts of the cache) before or after advised methods are executed.
    • Supports different cache providers: EHCache, JCS, LRU Cache and OSCache.
    • Can be completely configured in the Spring configuration file. Source-level metadata can be used as an option (like Spring's transaction management).

    Improvements in this version:
    • Wanghy-Cache can be completely configured in the Spring configuration file.
    • Added flag 'failQuietlyEnabled'. If this flag is true, Wanghy-Cache will not throw any exception when an error occurrs while accessing the cache.
    • Added Ant build file as an alternative to Maven.

    For more details please visit

    If you have questions or comments, please send us an e-mail to [email protected]

    We hope this project can be useful to the community.

    Best regards,
    Wanghy Team.

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    Alex, any plans on introducing SwarmCache or some other cluster-aware caching provider?

    Just a general design question.... Many of our classes are cache-state aware, in that they look at a cache and if a certain operation fails, it goes back to the authoritative DB and ignores the cache. The best example is a password. If the password appears wrong, and it was sourced from a cache, better go back to the DAO and check the user didn't change it and we simply used a stale cache element. Does Wanghy offer a solution to that? Also, is there just a general-purpose caching interface we can talk to, so existing application-specific cache interfaces (like in our case UserCache, BasicAclEntryCache and StatelessTicketCache) can be used?


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      Hello Ben,
      For the first release of Wanghy-Cache, we currently
      support two popular and well-established, cluster-aware caching
      implementations, OSCache and JCS. Future releases
      will undoubtedly provide support for other
      implementations as demand grows, and we're looking to
      the open source community to help us identify that

      As of Release Candidate 1, Wanghy-Cache provides the
      following features:

      1. Storing the return values of methods in the
      underlying cache implementation.
      2. Flushing the cache when methods are executed.

      To achieve what you described with the password
      example, you would need to use our facade
      interface and programatically provide that capability,
      which should be easy enough to accomplish. This
      general-purpose caching interface is
      'org.wanghy.cache.provider.CacheProviderFacade', which
      encapsulates the basic operations on a cache (put,
      get, flush, cancelUpdate). We encourage you to give
      it a try and let us know how it goes.

      Wanghy Team.