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  • Announcement: Pro Spring Released

    I am pleased to announce that today is the official launch date of Pro Spring! Id like to start by thanking Dmitriy Kopylenko and Keith Donald for their time when reviewing the book, Rod Johnson for his kind words in the foreword plus my co-author and partner in crime Jan Machacek for his excellent contribution.

    At over 800 pages, Pro Spring is a comprehensive reference to the Spring Framework, ideal for both novices and professionals alike. Topics covered include:

    * Inversion of Control theory and practice
    * AOP with Spring and AspectJ
    * Data access with Hibernate, iBATIS and JDBC
    * Spring transaction management including distributed transactions
    * Integration with JNDI, EJB and JMS
    * Spring MVC plus Struts integration
    * Scheduling with Quartz
    * JavaMail and COSMail integration
    * Spring Remoting

    Also we have included some appendices discussing testing, Spring IDE and Spring Rich, which are quite an interesting read.

    More information can be found at Apress and at the Spring site.

    I hope youll take the time to look at the book and hope that anyone who buys it enjoys reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.



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    Pro Spring

    Italian review of this beautiful book

    p.s. five stars


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      Thanks for such a great review. Thankfully, my girlfriend speaks good Italian so she was able to translate it for me



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        Indeed a great book. One thing that I noticed was the iBatis discussion in Chapter 10 (Page 344) it reads: "Even though iBATIS offers a very good ..., several features are missing. Perhaps the most annoying absence is a lack of support of persistent enumerations and object canonicalization."

        I don't know if I got it right, but using an iBatis TypeHandler interface and nested properties ( , I was able to do all of those stuff. Even handling complex user types can be managed since the complete ResultSet is available - but the support for it is a bit fair. It can be better supported for sure and using a factory to map the results would be also great.

        The sad thing is, that this is all undocumented by the normal user guides but the type handler interface exists for more than half a year, now. So I am just puzzled if I missed any lack of features here. (But the provided example of using Boolean as an attribute can be simply implemented by a custom type handler.)

        Never the less a very very good book. You and Jan have earned lots of respect for sure. Well done!


        Martin (Kersten)


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          Pro Spring 2.5

          I read Pro Spring 2.5 and the Pro Spring Recipes. These are two excellent references for Spring development.

          I am eagerly waiting for Pro Spring 3.0 which is scheduled to release next year

          I am a fan of Apress Spring series books


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            I'm looking forward to 3.0 as well.


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              Just starting

              Just started delving into the finer details of Spring and looking for some new resources to help me learn and this one just came onto my radar - very well written (although I don't speak Italian and haven't read it in that language )