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  • Spring Framework 1.1.4 Released

    Spring Framework 1.1.4 was released oin 2005-1-31.

    -- as originally posted by Juergen Hoeller on the mailing list --

    Dear Spring community,

    I'm pleased to announce that Spring Framework 1.1.4 has finally been
    released. This is a bugfix and minor enhancement release in the 1.1 series.
    Among the new features are:
    • added LazyInitTargetSource, lazily accessing a singleton from a
      BeanFactory (lazily initializing on first call)
    • added ServiceLocatorFactoryBean, allowing to map custom service locator interface methods to BeanFactory.getBean calls
    • reworked ResourcePatternResolver to extend ResourceLoader, for
      ResourcePatternResolver checks in ResourceLoaderAware
    • made BindException serializable, provided that the contained target object
      is serializable
    • added LazyConnectionDataSourceProxy, for lazily fetching JDBC Connections
      with native JDBC or Hibernate transactions
    • added "Sybase-jConnect" to default sql-error-codes.xml file, for database
      product name "Adaptive Server Enterprise"
    • added overloaded
      "queryForList"/"queryForObject"/"queryForLong"/"queryForInt" methods with
      arg types to JdbcTemplate
    • added "alwaysUseNewSession" flag to HibernateTemplate, enforcing a new
      Session even in case of a pre-bound Session
    • HibernateTemplate proxies exposed Sessions by default, applying query
      cache settings and transaction timeouts
    • added "isConnectFailure(RemoteException)" hook to
      AbstractRemoteSlsbInvokerInterceptor, for customized failure checks
    • added "isConnectFailure(RemoteException)" hook to
      (Jndi)RmiClientInterceptor, for customized connect failure checks
    • added JaxRpcServicePostProcessor interface, intended for reusable custom
      type mappings etc for a JAX-RPC service
    • added "servicePostProcessors" property to LocalJaxRpcServiceFactory and
      subclasses (incl. JaxRpcPortProxyFactoryBean)
    • added "messageIdEnabled" and "messageTimestampEnabled" properties to
      JmsTemplate, to disable id/timestamp on producer
    • added "pubSubNoLocal" property to JmsTemplate, leading to the NoLocal flag
      being specified on MessageConsumer creation
    • added "receiveSelected" and "receivedSelectedAndConvert" methods to
      JmsTemplate, accepting JMS message selectors
    • added "schedulerListeners", "(global)JobListeners",
      "(global)TriggerListeners" bean properties to SchedulerFactoryBean
    • added "jobListenerNames"/"triggerListenerNames" property to JobDetailBean,
      CronTriggerBean, SimpleTriggerBean (resp.)
    • added ServletContextAttributeFactoryBean, exposing an existing
      ServletContext attribute for bean references
    • added ServletContextAttributeExporter, taking Spring-defined objects and
      exposing them as ServletContext attributes
    • added ServletContextPropertyPlaceholderConfigurer, a subclass that falls
      back to web.xml context-param entries
    • added "publishEvents" init-param to FrameworkServlet, allowing to turn off
      the publishing of RequestHandledEvents
    • Spring JSP tags work outside DispatcherServlet too, falling back to root
      WebApplicationContext and JSTL/request locale

    Please see the changelog for details.