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  • RSF version 0.7 released

    After a long development and testing phase, the latest version of RSF, version 0.7, is finally released. This is a major features release, as well as contributing numerous improvements to performance, usability, correctness and diagnostics.

    RSF is an open source web programming framework based on Spring, with roughly the same scope as Sun's JSF. Unlike many other frameworks which simply offer "integration" with Spring, RSF is built entirely from a set of overriding Spring contexts, offering unparalleled configurability to users. The presentation layer of RSF is based on a fast and minimal pure-HTML templating engine, IKAT, which achieves a more complete separation between presentation and logic than has yet been achieved in other frameworks.

    As well as offering previewability of appearance, as is becoming possible to some extent with modern HTML templating frameworks, RSF also promises previewability of behaviour. Writing Javascript-driven interfaces, a tedious and error-prone task in other frameworks, is enormously simplified using RSF view templates, which are designed to a large extent to be functional and "live" even when served from the filesystem.

    The major features in the 0.7 release:
    • Multi-file templates, which allow reusable "widgets" and other autonomous bits of UI estate to be created out of any chunk of HTML
    • DWR-like "Universal View Bus" providing a universal AJAX strategy from any RSF application to any kind of client
    • Relaxation of numerous renderer restrictions, allowing a much greater range of templates to be rendered with the same component tree

    RSF is in many ways the most "Spring-like" of the view frameworks, offering less intrusion on client code and greater portability than SpringMVC, and considerably stronger support for web fundamentals and ease of development than JSF. We think it is a lot of fun.

    All info available on the RSF wiki, discussion and support on the RSF forums. RSF trunk has already passed the 0.7.1M5 pre-release, with numerous enhancements available for preview.
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