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  • RSF version 0.6.3 released

    RSF is an open source web programming framework based on Spring, with roughly the same scope as Sun's JSF. Unlike many other frameworks which simply offer "integration" with Spring, RSF is built entirely from a set of overriding Spring contexts, offering unparalleled configurability to users.

    The presentation layer of RSF is based on a fast and minimal pure-HTML templating engine, IKAT. See previous posting for more details on RSF, especially its use of request-scope IoC.

    New features in 0.6.3:

    Main highlights of this release are
    * Full support for all HTML controls, including "parachute rendering" between <select> and <input> tags, controlled only by HTML in the template - check the ComponentTest sample page for details:
    * Support for non-HTML content types (RSS, AJAX, XUL)
    * "Informal flow" system making it easy to build up flow definitions piece by piece rather than centrally in XML
    * JSR-168 integration - the same app will run with changes only to pure HTML templates and web.xml-type packaging as portlet or servlet.
    * General compatibility shakedown to be compliant with upcoming Spring 2.0 libraries.
    * As usual, numerous bug-fixes, better robustness and diagnostics, and performance enhancements.

    All info available on the RSF wiki, discussion and support on the RSF forums

    Note on versions: While the JSR-168 portlet support for RSF uses a corner of the upcoming spring-portlet library for Spring 2.0, the corner is sufficiently small that you can actually "mix-and-match" spring-portlet (in this usage) with any version of Spring supported by RSF (essentially any Spring 1.2.x or 2.x).