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  • RSF version 0.6.1 released

    RSF is an open source web programming framework based on Spring, with roughly the same scope as Sun's JSF. Unlike many other frameworks which simply offer "integration" with Spring, RSF is built entirely from a set of overriding Spring contexts, offering unparalleled configurability to users.

    The presentation layer of RSF is based on a fast and minimal pure-HTML templating engine, IKAT. RSF will therefore be of interest to users of Wicket, for example, who are irritated with Wicket's heavy-component architecture and lack of respect for IoC idioms. Similarly, JSF users will be happy to leave behind the constant obstruction of the "behaviour-rich" JSF component layer and battle for control of Javascript and layout in the view layer.

    Building on its sound foundations of Spring proper, RSF takes Spring yet further with RSAC, a lightweight high-performance Spring clone that it uses to operate its request container. This produces highly exciting benefits in the area of ORM (1st-class "transparent" Hibernate support has been in since 0.6) as well as request processing flexibility.

    Despite all these capabilities, RSF is by far the smallest among web frameworks, weighing in at an ultra-slim 11k LOC. RSF continues the Spring tradition by intruding on your application code to the tiniest possible extent.

    New in RSF 0.6.1 are a greatly improved build procedure, numerous rendering and performance fixes and a smattering of new components.

    Come along and join the fun at the RSF wiki and participate on the RSF forums.