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  • HttpStatusCodeException serializable?

    My question is whether bug fixes to "spring" will also find their way to "spring for android?"

    In particular, I see a couple issues relating to the serializability of HttpStatusCodeException:


    I'm confused about how these relate to the android library. I'm using spring-android-rest-template version 1.0.1.RELEASE (the latest I can see in the repository), which postdates the resolution dates on these two issues. I see that the android maven artifact is distributed with an HttpStatusCodeException, and looking at the source code, I see on line 35 of there is a Charset member, which the issue reports say are the cause of the problem.

    Further adding to my confusion are the version numbers in the reports. They both say that version 3.1.1 is affected, but how does that relate to 1.0.1.RELEASE of the android artifact? One of them says that version 3.2M1 is fixed, but again how does that relate to the android version numbers?

    I am getting a NotSerializableException trying to serialize an HttpStatusCodeException. That and seeing the Charset member in the source code of HttpStatusCodeException is making me think that the android version did not get the fix that the main version got, or something like that.

    Can anyone clear this up for me? Is this fix in the pipeline for android users? Should I be using another version?

    Thanks very much.
    Adam Mackler

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    Hi Adam,

    You've just described the challenges of maintaining a forked version of a library. One of the ongoing goals of the Spring for Android RestTemplate is to maintain compatibility and keep up with the changes in Spring Framework's RestTemplate. Generally speaking there is an open task to merge in all the changes and updates from Spring Framework 3.2.x, but if you see specific issues that need to be addressed, then please create an Android JIRA and reference the Spring Framework one. This will guarantee those specific issues will be addressed and resolved in the next release of Spring for Android.

    I've added ANDROID-129 to track the issue.

    Thanks for the feedback!


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      This is now fixed in the latest 1.0.2.BUILD-SNAPSHOT.