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  • REST Response Size

    As per my SO question here:

    What is the best way to go about measuring the size of the response when using RESTTemplate?

    I figure I'll have to count the bytes from the response somehow, but I'm not sure where to do that at.

    I'm already extending RESTTemplate to allow for GZip compression, so I figure there is just a method in there I can override, if it's not already built in.

    Most, if not all, of my requests are structured like so:

    // Just applies app wide auth and SSL info, returns a GzipRestTemplate
    RestTemplate r = RestTemplateFactory.make( mContext );
    BaseModelListRequest jsonData = null;
    jsonData = r.getForObject( uri[0], BaseModelListRequest.class );
    And then later:

    private LinkedHashMap< String, BaseModel[] > mObjects;
    mObjects = jsonData.getAllContent();
    If there is already a facility to do this, then I'm missing it in the docs, and if there isn't if someone could guide me as to what the most seamless insertion of such a function would be, I'd appreciate it very much.

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    Currently, RestTemplate does not provide a mechanism for determining the download progress. We have an open feature request for adding this functionality [0] in a future release.