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  • how to prepopulate the form bean values in jsp?

    I want to prepopulate the form values in to do that?

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    You can annotate a method in your controller containing default values with @ModelAttribute. In this example, refer to the section with the code:

        public List<String> getSimpleValues() {
            List<String> simpleValues = new ArrayList<String>();
            simpleValues.add("Value A");
            simpleValues.add("Value B");
            simpleValues.add("Value C");
            return simpleValues;


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      You should set the value of the feild from you controller either in your form backing object or reference data.

      Form backing object : set the feild of the command object

      Reference data: Put the value intended in a map and post the key of the map as your feildname in JSP.

      Hope this helps


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          how to prepopulate the form bean values in jsp

          Hi there,

          I have a workflow scenario. I have 2 users A and B. User A creates a PO and when he saves, it sends a notification to user B via our LOTUS Notes. User B then approves the said PO and then, another notification was sent to User A telling him the the PO has been approved.

          My problem is that, user A has been receiving the notification again and again. Is there a way to control such message so that the notification can only be sent once? I am using SWN_SELSEN program for the process.

          Thanks in advance