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  • SE-Workflow committed

    Hi All,

    I have committed the first version of the Workflow Spring Extension. I have a lot of JavaDocs to write, but the code in subversion compiles and the sparse tests run.

    Keep an eye on this space for updates!

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    Good work

    Thanks, I'v read the code for 3 days, but I still don't know how to persist a FlowInstanceDescriptor into a Database.


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      i found this in your sources :
          public final void afterPropertiesSet() throws Exception {
              if (this.flowInstanceDescriptorPersisters == null) {
                  this.flowInstanceDescriptorPersisters.put(DEFAULT_PERSISTER, new DefaultFlowInstanceDescriptorPersister());
      org.springframework.extensions.workflow.instance.s line 54
      I think it's not worth as an issue, mabe you figured it out by now anyway.


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        I was going to improve this, honest Thanks for letting me know, I will improve it in the next revision, which is due out in a few days.


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          Spring Workflow - sounds interesting! I would like to test it on myself, and see if it is ready to use in some project. But how to start with it? No documentation, no examples, no blogs about it...

          Jan, could you write some small introduction to Spring Worflow and publish it somewhere? (And let us know, of course!) At least some simple examples of configuration and code, and short overview of API.
          Here is an article "Spring with jBPM" with very simple workflow:

          - perhaps you could use it as a base, and show us how to do the same thing with Spring Workflow?

          BTW: is Spring Workflow available on ibiblio, or other Maven repesitory? Current version is 1.3 - does it mean that it is already stable code?


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            It's all on my list of things to do, I am now juggling a lot of work in the office, the workflow extension and Pro Spring 3.
            To get you (and everyone else) started a little, take a look at the unit tests and, if you're struggling, drop me a message. I will try my best to answer your questions.


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              awful quiet around here ....


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                The link to download v1.3.0 of Spring se workflow is pointing to an Amazon S3 repository location, where I get back an unauthorized web service based response. Er, how does one go about downloading v1.3.0 of Spring se workflow?

                Do I have to build it myself?

                And question #3: has there been any progress since the last thread poster in January asked the same question?


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                  How do I build it?

                  The link to sources leads to directory listing on the server.

                  How do I build se-workflow from the source provided at