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  • STS 2.3.2 Error creating Alfresco Surf template project

    I am a newbie to STS and want to use it to create an Alfresco Surf application. I installed the Surf Project template and followed the instructions for creating a "Spring Surf Project". The project gets created, but I am seeing errors saying some of the imports could not be resolved.
    "org.springframework" could not be resolved.

    Am I missing any jars that need to be on the classpath? I had assumed everything would have been created for me.

    I see the same errors even when I don't use the surf template and create a "dynamic web project" and install the surf artifacts.

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    The M3 release only works on STS 2.3.1.

    We are working on next milestone which should work on STS 2.3.2.




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      Almost the same

      10/08/20 03:54:59: Missing artifact

      I am using
      roo-1.0.2.RELEASE with in STS 2.3.2(sts-2.3.2.RELEASE) combined with maven(maven-2.2.1.RELEASE).

      Is STS the problem or is there something else wrong ?


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        I just did a clean STS 2.3.2 installation and added SpringSurf M3 Eclipse addon.

        The only file that STS marked with red cross was urlrewrite.xml (that file seems to be ok). I have to touch that file and start Jetty and it works as expected. I will take a look at that.

        After you create a template project, have you enable maven dependency management on it and wait till Maven pulls down all dependencies?

        The jar you mentioned has been removed from M3. So it shouldn't be there.



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          For that urlrewrite.xml issue, all you need to do is

          Fix: Preferences -> General -> Network Connections -> Cache and remove the cached DTD, then rebuild the project.



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            ID: php
            DESC: Adds support for scripting in Php.

            ID: groovy
            DESC: Adds support for scripting in Groovy.

            ID: studio
            DESC: Adds Spring Surf Web Studio.

            ID: documentation-core
            DESC: Adds Spring Surf documentation plugin.

            ID: documentation
            DESC: Adds Spring Surf documentation plugin and basic site templates.

            Within the roo addon these are listed. Thus I was convinced that if I install studio it would work. Thus I am realy asking why studio have been removed ?

            To answer you previous question regarding to my project. Yes maven dependecy is enabled and I waited that all of them download before I continued to add the surf-studio via roo

            Just to confirm something. Is M3 now ready for STS 2.3.2 ?


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              Ok. Looks like that dependency was introduced by that addon command. I will take a look at it today.

              We are working on next milestone release now. It should get more tests on 2.3.2. I have done some initial tests. So far M3 works fine on 2.3.2.




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                Thanks for you quick reply. Can't wait to see what you figured out today.

                Best regards


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                  I think the only thing missing is the maven artifacts from

                  when I queried the url I could not find studio for M3, my search pattern consisted "spring-surf-studio/1.0.0.M3"

                  no results. Do you guys still have to build it or is it discontinued ?