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  • Suggestions for M4

    Following on from a recent tech talk hosted by Mike and Yong it was suggested the community try to come up with some suggestions for improvements they would like to see in M4.

    For me, one of the big things is to try and make springsurf more accessible to the newcomer. For other frameworks that have been around for years there is a good community behind it with lots of available examples. Sadly because SpringSurf is still being developed, documentation and examples are thin on the ground. Furthermore because the code base is still in flux it makes any examples that are available harder to follow and get working.

    Whilst the roo addon has gone a long way to simplify things, I'd love to see some method of making it easier to add webscripts. As far as I'm aware, the only webscript related command is...

    surf webscript list give a list of available webscripts.

    Whilst the documentation is getting better, there is still a huge amount to be done in this area as well. Whilst the new documentation capabilities of M3 should to some extent solve this, simply exporting large amounts of method and property lists with some examples isn't the most usable. It would be nice to see more tutorials like Ben Hagans original surf ones that walk a user through how to create a site, and also how to perform common tasks that will no doubt be asked about. For example

    Pulling content in from an external source
    Authenticating against an external source
    Templating (i.e. how to switch visual themes in and out)
    Properties (How best to define properties files and use them)

    My focus is mainly on using springsurf to interact with an Alfresco repository, so some tutorials on how best to work with springsurf and WCM as well to create dynamic sites would be good (although this might be something that is being addressed by the new Web Editor).

    Finally, and something that might be solved for us Alfresco bods by Dave Caruanas cmis parser, something that makes parsing xml content a lot easier.

    I think there's huge potential for SpringSurf once the learning curve is lowered a bit.

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    I second the Alfresco point!

    I think many of us Alfresco freaks, will be using SpringSurf to create custom client apps, on top of Alfresco, so a good example/tutorial base would be a great resource.


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      I would like to see a sample Spring Surf application that uses SpringMVC to implement presentation logic instead of webscripts. Until now, this really hasn't been demonstrated or talked about, but this is where the true power of the Spring Surf platform lies. I imagine that such an application would look as follows:

      - Presentation / component logic would be found in the SpringMVC page controllers
      - Component / template / page layout would be found in Surf config files and Freemarker templates. Essentially, Surf would fill the role that Tiles has traditionally filled.
      - Communication would be found in Surf webscripts (?)

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        Thanks for providing your suggestions.

        We are currently working on providing a WCM Quick Start best practice application example for integrating with SpringSurf and Alfresco to build highly functional web-sites.

        This is being worked on now and should be available in a few weeks I believe.