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  • I can't get the STS Surf plugin working

    Hi there,

    I have downloaded the Surf Spring 1.0.0 M1 SDK as well as Spring STS 2.3.0. I have managed to build and install the Roo plugin, and use Roo from the command-line to generate the default Surf website -- which I then deployed using the 'mvn tomcat:deploy' command. So far so good.

    I can't seem to get the STS Surf plugin working however. I build the plugin using 'mvn assembly:assembly' and copy the resulting jarfile to the '<STS-2.3.0_HOME>/plugins' directory. But the jar just isn't recognized by STS. In particular, 'Alfresco Template Project' doesn't appear as a valid project option, and the Roo command 'deploy --server <server>' doesn't do anything.

    What am I doing wrong? Thanks :-)

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    Sorry for the late reply. Can you give M2 a try? All download links as well as documentation are on

    Let me know if you need help.




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      The 1.0.0.M2 Release of the STS Surf plugin works fine :-)



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        Hi again,

        I've been working my way through Community tutorial included in the M2 release of the Spring Surf SDK and everything seems to be pretty good so far. However, when asked to deploy the application to the TC server using:

        deploy --server "SpringSource tc Server v6.0"
        nothing happens (NB: Using the 'Run As --> Run on Server' command works fine though.)

        Am I doing anything wrong? The name of my server is slightly different, so I am using the command:

        deploy --server "SpringSource tc Server (Runtime) v6.020.C at localhost"


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          That deployment command doesn't work on my box either. I will take a look at it tomorrow.

          As for the server name, you can just keep hitting Ctrl + Space after you type "deploy --server". Roo will generate a list of options with server name for you.



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            It looks like the roo deploy command issue is resolved in STS 2.3.1.