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  • Can't build latest trunk on Linux


    I've checked out the latest trunk and tried to build following the README but it won't work. I noticed there was not but a, that when ran, was issuing an error saying it couldn't find the command. Any idea?
    [email protected]:~/dev/libs/springpython/src$ python 
    invalid command name ''

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    Which are you running?

    There is one at the top level (right next to generate_site.bash), and one down inside springpython/src as well as springpython/samples.

    The idea is to use the top-level directly:
    ./ --help
    THAT script isn't a convention script, but instead a sort of top-level make file-like thing.

    Some options:

    Clean out target directory and run test suite.
    ./ --clean --test
    Clean out target directory and generate installable tar bundles (with classic scripts included inside the bundle).
    ./ --clean --package
    After that last command, you should be able to go down to springpython/src, and run:
    python install
    ...and have the whole library install itself on your machine.

    Down inside springpython/src and springpython/samples, there is also a script. It is a template (perhaps I should rename to show that more clearly). The top-level will use that lower level as input to generate a script with the version number of the release inserted into it.

    It is best to think of top-level as more analogous to build.xml for ant jobs. That is the thinking I needed to use in order to better integrate with SpringSource's build/deploy/package/release mechanism.


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      Thanks Greg. It worked like a charm