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  • SQLite dependency


    I am trying to get the springpython tests to run on a Mac running OS X 10.4. This comes with Python 2.3 by default, so I have upgraded to 2.5 using the Mac ports system. I have also installed sqlite3 and py25-sqlite3. Unfortunately, this installs the module as sqlite3, and the tests fail. If I try to install the older py-sqlite port, it downloads and builds python2.4 and installs the sqlite module into the site-packages as pysqlite2. Neither of these will work with the tests as-is, as they name the module simply 'sqlite', which is not available with this name on Mac OS/X. There's a code snippet here:

    h t t p : / / www . devisland . net /help/pythonsqlite.shtml

    Which attempts to import sqlite portably in the face of these different versions, but that still doesn't take care of the the existing case where the module presumbly exists as 'sqlite' on the development platform, per the import statement in in src/springpython/database/ and the comment in in the same location.


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    I'm making mods to right now

    I am working on getting the mods put in place to support this. I'll post an update here when I get the changes in.


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      trunk has the mods in it


      Try again, with an updated copy of the trunk. I got it to work trying sqlite3 first, and then falling back to sqlite should it not exist.


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        This was fixed to where Spring Python now uses sqlite3. springpython.database.factory.SqliteConnectionFact ory has been renamed Sqlite3ConnectionFactory. The depracated springpython.database.Sqlite.SqliteConnectionFacto ry was updated to support this.

        The changes are currently only visible on the trunk at If you check it out, the comment shows my personal test run, including a test coverage report.