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  • Spring Python is becoming a Spring Extension

    Spring Python users,

    Good news! Russ Miles from Spring Source recently contacted me and invited Spring Python to become an official Spring Extension. Russ is in charge of the Spring Extensions project, a process they are setting up to incubate projects that can potentially become official parts of Spring Source's software portfolio.

    We are currently in the process of configuring an instance of JIRA dedicated to tracking Spring Python issues. We are also setting up a subversion repository on Spring Source's servers to host the code. As you can see, we also have our discussion forum.

    For those of you reading this that haven't heard of Spring Python, here is a quick summary. Spring Python is an offshoot of the Spring framework and Spring Security (Acegi), targeted for Python. Spring provides many useful features, and I wanted those same features available when working in Python. For more details, please check out the current website at This is a trac site that contains information about the source code, licensing, a wiki, past releases, and the issues I have been tracking for the past two years. Features implemented so far include:
    * DatabaseTemplate - this is much like Spring's JdbcTemplate
    * Database Transactions - we have a TransactionTemplate as well as declarative transactions
    * Inversion of Control - an IoC container based on python decorators, as well as an XML-driven application context
    * AOP - Spring Python has coded an AOP solution for Python
    * Remoting - Spring Python has utilized a pure Python remoting library called PYRO to allow python applications to remotely communicate. Other technologies are being investigated including hessian, which support Python/Java interoperability.
    * Application Security - lock down your applications with authentication and authorization much the same way as Spring Security. We currently have database-based user details and container-based security declaration. We are working to support other security providers as well as other ways of configuration security, such as @Secured.

    There are some sample applications in the code base, used to demonstrate the features of Spring Python:
    * PetClinic - everyone's favorite sample application was re-written from the ground up using Spring Python.
    * SpringBot - a server application that can be used to drive your project's IRC channel by supporting your channel with on-line Q&A, as well as serving up a web page of information.
    * SpringWiki - a sample wiki server that uses the same markup language as Wikipedia.



    HISTORY: See*/ for the original web site I hosted.

    Stay tuned!

    Last edited by gregturn; Sep 5th, 2008, 07:37 AM. Reason: Add reference to original trac site used to host Spring Python

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    Cool stuff! Good to see.


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      Great jobs, spring python extension is wonderful, Thanks a lot.


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        Greg, congratulations on moving this forward as a project for the benefit of the Spring community--this looks really interesting. Are you still based near Melbourne, FL by the way? If so, you should swing by the office sometime.



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          Thanks Keith,

          Yeah, I'm in still in Melbourne, FL. I would like to, however, I don't know where your office is. Can you send me an email at gregturn at


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            Hey everyone,

            I just updated the top note on this topic to include a link for the new email list.