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I installed springpython 1.3 but I would like to roll back to 1.2, how can I do that? Page Title Module
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  • I installed springpython 1.3 but I would like to roll back to 1.2, how can I do that?

    How do I roll back a springpython 1.3 installation? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Are you using virtualenv? If so, you can first attempt typing "pip uninstall springpython". Open a python shell, and try to import springpython, and see if it fails. If so, then you are successful.

    If that doesn't work, or you installed using something other than pip, you will have to manually wipe out the installed files. To do that, first go to the root of your Python installation. Look for a folder called site-packages. (HINT: It's probably a few levels below the top of your Python installation) Inside that, you should see either a folder or an egg file (or both) labeled springpython-1.3.1-xyz. Remove those completely.

    The next step is a little more complicated, because if you try to use disttools or pip, it will just re-download the latest version of Spring Python, and put you back to where you started. Instead, you have to manually download the older version (assuming you don't already have it). Visit From there, you can look for "Spring Python", and flip until you find the archived version you want. Then it's just a download.

    After you get the download, unzip it, and look for a script. Execute "python install". If you are using virtualenv, you're target environment must be activated. If you are using your system's default installation of Python, you might either need root power, or instead execute "sudo python install", though I would strongly advise using virtualenv to create a local environment you own and avoid root access altogether.