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  • SWFLoader throwing RTE

    I am trying to add a swf file in a VBox. Its as simple as below:

    <mx:SWFLoader source="assets/elixir_clock.swf" width="190" height="190"/>
    When I execute the app, it throws me RTE:

    Error: Error #1023: Stack overflow occurred.
            at mx.core::UIComponent/get parentDocument()[C:\autobuild\3.4.0\frameworks\projects\framework\src\mx\core\]
            at org.springextensions.actionscript.stage::FlexStageProcessorRegistry/getRoot()[C:\workspace\springactionscript\src\org\springextensions\actionscript\stage\]
            at org.springextensions.actionscript.stage::FlexStageProcessorRegistry/getRoot()[C:\workspace\springactionscript\src\org\springextensions\actionscript\stage\]
            at org.springextensions.actionscript.stage::FlexStageProcessorRegistry/getRoot()[C:\workspace
    Here is the response I got from Flexcoders forum which attracted my attention to springactionscript api..

    Stack overflow would mean that you have some recursion going on for ever.
    That would often happen if you conditionally create an instance of a class
    in that class constructor, or, you have used singletons in business logic
    and by loading a module you've made that a multitone. It also looks like
    that function FlexStageProcessorRegistry.getRoot() you are calling is trying
    to get the topmost object in the display list
    - You shouldn't have been doing that to start with.
    - It probably doesn't do it right because some of the objects found in the
    display list overrides root getter.
    Can anyone guide me like where I am going wrong?

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    sub applications not supported yet

    Hi there,

    as of right now, Spring Actionscript only supports module loading, not sub-application loading. We'll try to get that in for version 1.1, but for now it won't work properly.
    I'm sorry.
    To work around it for now, you can try to add a custom ObjectSelector to your DefaultAutowiringStageProcessor, one that will disapprove the type of your subapplication, that way the stage wiring objects won't try to wire your subapplication.
    Check out this doc section with more information about the IObjectSelector functionality: mponents_are_eligible_for_configuration


    Last edited by 666shooter; Mar 31st, 2010, 01:57 AM. Reason: added some more info